By Richards Sign Company


Heavy Duty PVC Post

The Perfect Post eliminates the weak points that you’ve likely experienced with other posts. There are reinforced eyebolts for the primary sign. The steel anchor is a full 47 inches talI. Metal rider bracket is attached with screws.

No Digging Required!

Our patent pending heavy duty steel anchor requires no invasive digging to install it. The only tool you need is a heavy hammer or sledge hammer.

4x4x72" Real Estate Sign

Once you hammer in the anchor, you simply side the post over the anchor and use the clips to hang your sign. The post fits perfectly over the anchor and won’t slip or come out until you want it to.


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For Northern Utah, Call 801-394-9711 to check on possible cheaper shipping rates.
We offer full shipping to all lower 48 States. If you are within driving distance to our office, feel free to come pick up your Perfect Post order.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Over the past several years our brokerage has tried every type of cross arm available. We settled in on using PVC and found what we thought were good deals. Over a year’s time we went through almost all of our inventory and had to throw them away due to them breaking down. When we went back to Richards Sign, they presented to us their new system and material. The PVC posts and system they have for yard signs is hands down the best quality available on the market. We have had zero problems with our signs. The color is lasting longer, the materials aren’t breaking, and it shows that we are serious about our business. We have used Richards Sign for over 30 years. They continually stay on top of their market and are the best around. Marc J. Hansen

Owner / Broker, John W Hansen & Associates Real Estate

About a year ago they allowed me to test out a new design of sign holder, a design I have never seen before. I was truly in love at first sight. The sign holders look professional, are tall and stand up to the elements. The best feature is the metal post I drive into the ground. My 15 lb sledgehammer easily pounds the post driver into the ground regardless of the time of year.

I receive praise about my yard signs from home owners every time I install one in a yard. I am a firm believer in them and I have no doubt in my mind they add value to my name and my brand, not to mention standing out more than ever before. I am now hooked and I’ll never go back to the old design. Nathan Poulsen

Mentor & Top Producer, Keller Williams Realty

With our busy schedules as a home building company, we do not have much time to change out signs. More often than not we need to move a sign quickly because of activity on the lot and “The Perfect Post” allows us to do just that. Our Project Managers can have a sign moved within minutes providing us with the ability to keep our public informed while building without down time! I would highly recommend “The Perfect Post” to anyone working real estate or building homes.

Richards sign is by far the best sign company that I have ever worked with in my 18 years of Marketing for the Real Estate industry. They consistently outperform other sign companies with communication, quality and speed of service.

Marcus Zabo

Marketing Director, Nilson Homes

I have been buying the Perfect Post for the past year. They are great! Easy to install, less than 5 minutes! I have installed these in the rockiest of terrain in the Ogden Valley. Also in deep snow. Solid, great looking and quick to deal with. l’ll never pay to have someone install my signs again. List – put up the sign – done! Ken Turner

The Valley Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What size sign does it hold?
The post is setup for a 24″ width sign panel and between 18” and 36” talI.
The eyebolts are at 16” center.
You can use extra clips to extend the distance to fit rounded top signs or signs that have 18″ centers.
How do I attach my sign?
The Perfect Post System includes stainless steel clips that snap close and are easy to use.
What if my signs don't have the third hole?
You don’t have to use the vertical eye bolt, but it does help keep the sign from swinging in the wind.
What if the ground is frozen?
If the ground is frozen, hard or rocky, the stake can still be driven into the ground. It might take a little longer but a lot quicker than digging a hole!
Do they come assembled?
They are assembled it you pick them up at our store. Four screws and three snap on caps are all that is required for assembly. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.  Instructions come with the post.